Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rolade Daging Cincang (Ground Beef Roulade)

In Indonesian & English

-  450 gr Daging cincang, 200 ml Susu cair   Saus:
-  2 Roti tawar, 2 st Garam, 5 Telur              -  250 ml Susu, 50 gr B.bombay-cincang
-  ½ st Pala bbk, 2 sm Mentega, 1 st Gula    -  1 Baw.pth-cincang, 2 sm Saus tomat
-  75 gr B.bombay-cincang, ½ st Lada bbk    -  2 sm Mentega, ½ st Gula, 1 st Garam
-  1 sm Kecap inggris, 2 Baw.pth-hlskan         -  ½ st Lada, 1 sm Terigu, 1 st Kecap asin
-  1 sm Terigu, 2 sm Peterseli, Margarin

Cara membuat
-   Dadar: Campur rata terigu, 100 ml susu, telur, 1 st garam. Pnskan margarin di wajan diameter 22 cm. Tuang adonan secukupnya, buat dadar tipis. Ulangi proses sampai adonan habis.
-   Saus: Tumis bawang2 dng mentega hingga layu. Taburi terigu, aduk hingga bergumpal. Tuangi susu, bumbu2 lain. Aduk & masak hingga saus mengental.
-   Rendam roti di 100 ml susu kmd peras pelan, sisihkan. Tumis baw.pth & bombay dng mentega. Angkat, campur dng daging. Mskkan roti & bahan lain, aduk rata.
-   Ambil selembar dadar, beri adonan daging, ratakan permukaannya. Gulung bulat panjang dng rapat hingga padat kmd bungkus dng alu foil. Ulangi proses hingga adonan habis. Kukus selama ± 45 mnt. Angkat, buka alu foil. Potong2 & hidangkan dng saus & kentang goreng/panggang.

-  450 gr Ground beef, 200 ml Milk, Margarine    Sauce:
-  2 White bread, 75 gr Onion-chopped                  -  250 ml Milk, 50 gr Onion-chopped
-  ½ tsp ground Nutmeg, 2 tbsp Butter, 5 Eggs    -  1 clove Garlic-chopped, 1 tsp Salt
-  2 tbsp chopped Parsley, ½ tsp Pepper                  -  1 tbsp Flour, 1 tsp Salty soy sauce
-  1 tbsp Worchestershire sauce, 1 tsp Sugar       -  ½ tsp Pepper, 2 tbsp Butter
-  2 cloves Garlic-grind, 1 tbsp Flour, 2 tsp Salt -  ½ tsp Sugar, 2 tbsp Tomato sauce

-   Omelets: Mix the flour, 100 ml milk, eggs & 1 tsp Salt. Heat the margarine in a 22 cm pan. Pour in 1/3 part of the mixture to make an omelet. Repeat the procedure 2 more times.
-   Sauce: Sauté the garlic & onion with butter until wilted. Stir in the flour until it combines. Pour in the milk & add in other spices. Cook until the sauce thickened, whisking constantly.
-   Soak the bread in 100 ml milk until tender & then squeeze them firmly, set aside. Sauté the garlic & onion with butter. Remove from the heat & then mix it with the meat. Put in the bread & other ingredients, knead thoroughly.
-   Place 1 omelet in a working table. Spread 1/3 part of the meat batter evenly on the omelet surface. Roll the omelet; press evenly to compact. Wrap the roll with aluminum foil sheet. Repeat the procedure for the rest of omelets & meat batter. Steam the rolls for ± 45 mins. Remove the rolls from the steamer & un-wrap them. Slice the roulade & serve them with the sauce & fried/baked potatoes.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chicken Tower Burger

In Indonesian & English

-  2 Fillet dada ayam, 8 Roti hamburger-belah 2   Campuran tepung: Aduk rata semua
-  8 lembar Keju, 8 Tomat cherry-belah 2               -  125 gr Terigu, 1 st Marjoram
-  8 iris Baw.bombay, 8 buah Hash brown/Rösti     -  1 st Lada hitam bbk, 1 st Sage
-  6 sm Saus tomat+1½ sm Saus mustar-aduk          -  2 sm Paprika bbk, 1 st Cabai bbk
-  4 sm Mayonnaise+Saus sambal (opsional)-aduk     -  1 sm Bawang goreng-haluskan
-  1 Telur+1 st Garam+225 gr Butter milk-kocok    -  1 st Basil, 1 st Mixed herbs
-  1 sm Olive oil, Daun selada-iris, 1 st Gula           -  2 st Garam, 1 st Baw.putih bbk

Cara membuat
-   Belah dada ayam di tengah jadi 2 ptg, kmd iris/belah jadi 2 tiap ptgnya memanjang (Akan didptkan 8 irisan). Rendam irisan2 tsb di campuran butter milk selama ± 10 mnt. Angkat ayam dari buttermilk & kmd lumuri merata dng campuran tepung. Goreng ayam hingga terendam (deep fry) di minyak panas 180° C sampai kekuningan (± 8 mnt). Angkat ayam dari minyak & tiriskan di kertas minyak.
-   Sewkt merendam ayam di butter milk, hangatkan roti hamburger di panggangan roti. Tumis irisan baw.bombay & tomat dng olive oil. Taburi gula, aduk hingga baw.bombay sedikit kecoklatan & layu. Angkat & sisihkan. Goreng/panggang hash brown sampai kekuningan kmd sisihkan.
-   Ulasi bagian dasar roti hamburger dng campuran saus tomat. Ulasi bagian atas roti dng campuran mayonnaise. Atur/Susun irisan daun selada, hash brown, keju, ayam, baw.bombay & tomat di atas dasar roti. Tangkupkan bagian atas roti di paling atas.

-  2 Chicken breast fillet, 8 Hamburger buns       Flour mixture: Mixed all spices
-  8 sliced Cheese, 8 Cherry tomatoes-halved       -  125 gr Flour, 1 tsp Marjoram
-  8 sliced Onion, 8 pcs. Hash browns/Rösti         -  1 tsp ground Black pepper, 2 tsp Salt
-  6 tbsp Tomato sauce+1½ tbsp Mustard-mixed  -  2 tbsp Paprika powder, 1 tsp Sage
-  4 tbsp Mayonnaise+Chili sauce (option)-mixed   -  1 tbsp fried Onion-finely grind
-  1 Egg+1 tsp Salt+225 gr Butter milk-whisk      -  1 tsp Basil, 1 tsp Mixed herbs
-  1 tbsp Olive oil, Lettuce-sliced, 1 tsp Sugar   -  1 tsp Chili pwd, 1 tsp Garlic pwd

-   Divide/Cut the breast in the middle & then longitudinal slice each halved breast (will get 8 sliced). Soak chicken in the buttermilk mixture for 10 minutes. Lift chicken from the buttermilk & then coat them evenly with the flour mixture. Deep fry the chicken in 180° C hot frying oil until golden brown (8 min). Remove chicken from the oil & drain on paper towels.
-   While you marinated the chicken in buttermilk, half & toast the Hamburger buns just to warm them up. Sauté the onion & cherry tomatoes with olive oil. Stir in sugar; cook until the onion a bit brownish & wilted. Remove from the pan & set aside. Fry/Bake the hash browns until golden brown, & then set aside.
-   Smear the bottom side of Hamburger buns with tomato ketchup mixture. Smear the top side with mayonnaise mixture. Arrange sliced lettuce, hash browns, cheese, chicken breast, onion & tomatoes over the bottom side of the buns. Top with the other side of buns.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Liebster Award

I was very much happy when I found out that i was asked to pick up the Liebster award from my friend Nisha of It was a nice little surprise to be awarded for the first time in my budding blog. What an honor : ).
Nisha is a nice person, kind, smart & super adorable blogger who brings out lots of interesting & delicious recipes. Make sure to check her blog out-you will be glad you did :).
THANK YOU so much Nisha!! Im honored & this award is sure to add a little bling to my blog..:)
So hereby am answering her questions & also including 11 of my blogger friend links to pass on the award. Go ahead & answer the questions. Happy Blogging!!


1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.  
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

11 random facts about me:

1. I have 1 Son in Indonesia
2. I`m a grandma of 2
3. I like Italian food..of course also Indonesian
4. I studied Dentistry & Public health.
5. My parents said that as a child, I`m very naughty..still do..can`t change that..:)
6. I`m half German, half Indonesian
7. I love traveling
8. My favorite place is Lombok island-Indonesia
9. I drink coffee too much!
10. I have 2 Cats..although I love dogs more..:)
11. I learn to cook mostly from my dad

11 Questions asked by Nisha:
1. If you wish for something ,what would you wish for?
I wish there`s a time machine
2. What is your Hobby?
Reading, dancing, traveling, cooking, gardening, music, movies
3. Favorite Ice cream?
Banana Sunday
4. Love to drive/ride a Car/Plane/Helicopter/Bike?
Love to drive a Car
5. Favorite fruit and vegetable?
Water Melon & Bak choy
6. Love to buy a ________?
Love to buy a sunglasses..:)
7. Favorite magazine?
8. Describe yourself in a word?
9. Most memorable moment in your life?
Looked at my son for the first time
10. If you have a Super Power what will you do?
Plant 100 million trees around the world 
11. Favourite quote?
``Respect others. Help others. Love others. These are the keys that unlock our soul``. Anthony Douglas Williams.


1. What is your favorite drinks?

2. Do U like to listen to the music & if U do, what kind of music?

3. If U have a lot of money, what will U do with it?

4. What color is ur favorite?

5. What will u do after u retired or old?

6. How many times a week U clean ur house?

7. If U have a time machine, what will U do with it?

8. How long did U sleep on weekend?

9. Do U love children?

10. What is the most exotic food that U ever tried?

11. Do U have an Idol? If U do, who is it?

Selecting an interesting blog was so hard. But i managed to pick these 11 lovely blogs:

Things U have to do next:
Post ur answer on my command below. Then U have to create a post with all info and share them with ur new blogger friends. Go to the blogs you have chosen and leave a comment about your award. If you want you can add a Liebster Award logo to ur profile. Copy the Liebster image from any URL and save it in your comp.Then,Go to your Blogger page and click on Design-->Layout-->Add a Gadget-->Image-->Type the URL of your award page-->Select the image from comp--> Save. Let me know if you need anything else.
HAVE FUN!! :) Eagerly waiting to read your answers!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ayam Saus Krim Lada Merah (Pink Peppercorns Sherry Chicken)

In Indonesian & English

-  500 gr Fillet dada ayam, 1-1½ st Garam               Salad:
-  100 gr Mentega, 1 st Rosemary, 1 st Lada bbk  -  200 gr Field salad/Corn salad*
Sauce:                                                                                -  4 sm Olive oil, 1 sm Air jrk nipis
-  250 ml Krim, 2 sm Terigu, 3 sm Dry sherry        -  1 Baw.mrh-iris, ½ Baw.pth-cincang
-  4 Baw.mrh-iris hls, 1 st Air jrk nipis                     -  Garam & Lada secukupnya
-  2 sm Lada merah-gerus kasar, ½ st Garam
Cara membuat
-   Pnskan oven 200° C selagi menyiapkan ayam. Matikan setlh suhu tercapai, pintu tetap tertutup.
-   Kerat dangkal ayam di bbrp bagian kmd lumuri dng garam, lada & rosemary. Diamkan 30 mnt. Lelehkan mentega di pan besar dng api sedang-tinggi. Kecilkan api ke sedang, mskkan ayam di pan & masak ± 2½ mnt. Balik posisi ayam, masak lagi 3 mnt. Matikan api & tutup pan, biarkan ayam didlmnya selama ± 10 mnt. Keluarkan ayam dari pan & bungkus dng alu-foil. Mskkan ayam kedlm oven panas & biarkan didlmnya hingga saus siap.
-   Saus: Simpan 3 sm cairan bekas memasak ayam, buang sisanya. Panaskan pan di api sedang-rendah (jangan terlalu panas). Mskkan sherry, aduk terus selama ± 2 mins. Beri bawang merah & masak hingga empuk (± 2 mins). Mskkan terigu, aduk rata. Beri cairan bekas memasak ayam, air nipis, lada merah & krim. Masak dng api kecil & aduk trs hingga saus mengental.
-   Salad: Di mangkuk besar, campur baw.mrh, baw.pth, garam, lada, olive oil & air nipis. Tekan2 bawang mrh & pth agar rasanya menyatu. Mskkan field salad & aduk rata.
-   Buka bungkusan ayam & ltkkan di piring saji. Tuangi saus di atasnya, ltkkan salad secukupnya & sajikan segera.
* Dapat diganti dng daun selada/lettuce.
Adaptasi dari resep Tony Dash, dng modifikasi pribadi (

-  500 gr Chicken breast fillet, 1-1½ tsp Salt          Salad:
-  100 gr Butter, 1 tsp dried Rosemary                      -  200 gr Field salad/Corn salad
-  1 tsp ground Pepper                                                     -  4 tbsp Olive oil, 1 tbsp Lime juice
Sauce:                                                                                 -  1 Shallot-sliced, ½ Garlic-minced
-  250 ml Cream, 2 tbsp Flour, 3 tbsp Dry sherry  -  enough Salt & Pepper
-  2 tbsp Pink peppercorns-crack into small pieces
-  4 Shallots-thinly sliced, 1 tsp Lime juice, ½ tsp Salt
-   Preheat oven to 200° C while U prepare the chicken. Turn it off when it reached the temp. & keep the door closed.
-   Make shallow diagonal slashes in the chicken breasts; then rub the chicken with salt, pepper & rosemary. Let it stand for 30 mins. Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Lower the heat to medium; place the chicken in the pan & cook for ± 2½ mins. Turn over the chicken & cook for another 3 mins. Turn off the heat & cover the pan with the lid; allow the chicken to sit inside of the pan for ± 10 mins. Remove the chicken from the pan & wrap them with alu-foil. Place the wrapped chicken in the warmed oven until the sauce ready.
-   Sauce: Pour out pan drippings; save 3 tbsp of them. Heat the skillet over medium-low heat (don`t use high temp.). Add in sherry, stirring constantly for ± 2 mins. Stir in the shallots until they are soft (± 2 mins). Stir in the flour to combine; add in the pan drippings, lime juice, peppercorns & cream. Cook & stir constantly over low heat until thickened.
-   Salad: In a large bowl, put in the shallots, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil & lime juice. Press the shallots & garlic to combine the flavor. Add in the field salad & mix well.
-   Un-wrapped the chicken & place them on individual plates. Dress with the sauce, place some salad on the plate & serve immediately.
Adapted from Tony Dash recipe, with some personal modification (

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