Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pepes Ayam (Steamed & Grilled Chicken Parcels)

Pepes is an Indonesian cooking method using banana leaves as food wrappings, cooked on steam & grilled on charcoal. This cooking technique allowed the rich spices mixture to be compressed against the main ingredients inside the individual banana leaf package while being cooked & also add distinct aroma of cooked or burned banana leaf. There are many variations of pepes recipes. Fish, shrimp, squid, minced meat, tofu, oncom, mushroom are also available to be prepared in this method.

In Indonesian & English
-  250 gr Fillet ayam, 100 ml Santan           Haluskan:
-  1 sm Air Jrk nipis, 1 sm Air Asam           -  3 Bawang merah, 2 Bawang pth kcl
-  2 Sereh-geprek, ambil pthnya, belah 2       -  1 cm Jahe, ½ cm Lengkuas md-prt
-  7 Daun Jeruk muda-iris hls yg 3 lbr          -  1 st Ketumbar, 3 Kemiri-sangrai
-  4 Daun Salam, 1 D. Pandan-ptg 3 cm        -  2 cm Kunyit, Garam
-  4-8 Rawit, 1-2 Daun pisang, Dn Kemangi

Cara membuat
-   Potong2 ayam uk. 3X4 cm, lumuri dng air jrk & garam, campur dng daun jrk iris, diamkan 15 mnt. Tumis bumbu hls, beri air asam & santan, mskkan ayam, masak hingga ayam berubah warna.
-   Potong2 daun pisang uk. ± 14X27 cm. Ltkkan 1 daun jrk, 1 salam, 1 ptg pandan, kemangi, 1-2 rawit & seiris sereh di tiap lembar daun pisang. Beri adonan ayam di atasnya, bungkus & semat dng lidi. Kukus ± 20 mnt. Panggang di api sebentar.

-  250 gr Chicken breast Fillet, 1 Pandan leaf    Grind into a paste:
-  1 tbsp Lime juice, 1 tbsp Tamarind juice       -  3 Shallots, 2 small cloves Garlic
-  100 ml Coconutmilk, 4 Bay leaves               -  ½ cm young Galangal, Salt
-  7 Kaffir lime leaves, Lemon basil leaves         -  3 Candlenuts-toasted, 1 cm Ginger
-  2 Lemongrass, 1-2 Banana leaves               -  2 cm Turmeric, 1 tsp Coriander
-  4-8 Bird`s Eye Chilies/Cayenne peppers

-   Cut the chicken into 3X4 cm chunks. Thinly sliced 3 lime leaves. Smear chicken with lime juice & salt, mix with sliced lime leaves, set it for 15 mins. Sauté the spices paste; pour in tamarind juice & coconutmilk. Put in chicken & cook until the colour changed.
-   Bruise & split each white part of lemongrass into 2. Cut pandan leaf into several 3 cm sheets. Cut banana leaves into several 14X27 cm sheets. Put 1 piece of each kaffir lime leaf, bay leaf, pandan leaf, lemon grass; some basil leaves & 1-2 chilies in the center of each banana leaf sheets. Put in some chicken chunks (incl. the sauce) above & then wrap up the banana leaves until it covers all. Pin with small skewers/toothpicks. Steam it for ± 20 mins & then grill for awhile.

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