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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tahu Goreng Crispy (Crispy Fried Tofu)

In Indonesian & English

-  250 gr Tahu-ptg2 setbl 1 cm, ptg jadi 2    -  2 Telur-kocok, Minyak goreng
-  2 Bawang putih-hlskan, Panir secukupnya     -  Lada, Garam, Ketumbar secukupnya

Cara membuat
-   Campur bawang pth, lada, garam, ketumbar & air secukupnya. Rendam tahu ± 20 mnt.
-   Campur panir dng sedikit ketumbar bubuk, garam & lada halus. Tiriskan tahu, celupkan ke telur, lalu gulingkan di panir, ulangi proses sekali lagi. Goreng di minyak panas dng api sedang.

-  250 gr Tofu-sliced into 1 cm thick; then halved   -  2 Eggs-beaten, Salt, Frying fat
-  2 cloves Garlic-grinded, Breadcrumbs                        -  Pepper, Coriander pwd

-   Blend garlic, pepper, salt, coriander with enough water to cover the sliced tofus. Soak tofus in the mixture for ± 20 mins. Drain the tofus.
-   Season the breadcrumbs with coriander, pepper & salt to taste; set aside. Dip the tofus in eggs; then roll them in bread crumbs. Repeat the process one more time. Fry the tofus in hot frying fat over medium heat.