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Nasi Campur à la Cina (Indonesian Chinese Style of Mixed Rice)

Nasi campur (means Mixed Rice in Indonesian), referring to a dish of rice topped with various dishes. Some people who reside in Jakarta & other major cities with significant Chinese population area use the term nasi campur loosely to refer to Nasi Campur à la Cina (Chinese Style of Mixed Rice).
However, such name for similar dish does not exist in Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, or even most other areas of Indonesia outside of Jakarta. –Wikipedia

In Indonesian Chinese version, nasi campur generally served on individual plates with mounds of steamed rice/Hainanese Rice surrounded by lots of different dishes, such as pork char siu, crispy roast pork belly, sweet pork sausage, pork satay, Chinese ngohiong roll, 5-spice roasted chicken, braised soy sauce eggs or braised pork belly in soya sauce. The dish is usually also served with Pickled bok choy soup (clear broth of pork ribs with fermented mustard greens), chili sauce & sliced cucumber.

To serve it as Halal version (for Moslem); avoid the use of Chinese rice wine & pork. Surround the rice with chicken/duck Char siu, beef satay, chicken Chinese ngohiong roll, 5-spice roasted chicken & braised soy sauce eggs. Serve the Nasi Campur with beef ribs pickled bok choy soup, chili sauce & sliced cucumber.

In Indonesian & English

(click pada link untuk resep2 terkaitnya)
Nasi putih/Nasi hainan (lihat resep di Nasi Ayam Hainan)
Soup bakut sawi asin (lihat resep di Soup Bakut Sawi Asin)
Sambal cabai potong (lihat resep sambal di Nasi Ayam Hainan)
Pilihan hidangan untuk pendamping nasi:
Babi/Ayam/Bebek panggang merah/Char siu (lihat resep di Daging Panggang Merah)
Babi panggang asin/Siao Bak (lihat resep di Babi Panggang Crispy/Siao Bak)
Sate babi/daging (lihat resep di Sate Babi/Sapi)
Ngohiong roll (lihat resep di Ngohiong Roll)
Ayam panggang bumbu ngohiong (lihat resep di Ayam Panggang Bumbu Ngohiong)
Babi/Ayam kecap (lihat resep di Babi Kecap)
Telur kecap (lihat resep di Telur Kecap)
Lap ciong

Cara membuat
-   Potong2 daging, ngohiong & lap ciong sesuai selera.
-   Taruh nasi di tengah2 piring saji, kmd atur beberapa hidangan pendamping yang disukai di sekeliling nasi. Makan dng soup sawi asin, ketimun & sambal cabai potong.

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Steamed Rice/Hainan rice (see also: Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe)
Ribs & Pickled bok choy soup (see also: Ribs & Pickled Bok Choy Soup recipe)
Chili sauce (to make the Chili sauce see also: Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe)
Side dish choices:
Pork/Chicken/Duck char siu (see also: Chinese Roasted Pork/Char Siu recipe)
Chinese Crispy Roasted Pork (see also: Crispy Roasted Pork Belly recipe)
Pork/Beef satay (see also: Pork/Beef Satay recipe)
Chinese ngohiong (see also: Chinese Ngohiong/Chinese Meatloaf recipe)
Five-spice roasted chicken (see also: Five-Spice Roasted Chicken recipe)
Braised pork/chicken in sweet soy sauce (see also: Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce/Hóngshāo Ròu recipe)
Braised soy sauce eggs (see also: Braised Soy Sauce Eggs recipe)
Chinese sweet pork sausage/Lap cheong

-   Slice the char siu meat, Chinese ngohiong, Chinese crispy roasted pork & pork sausage into desired shapes.
-   Place steam rice in the centre of the serving plate; then set your side dish choices around the rice. Serve with ribs & pickled bok choy soup, cucumber & chili sauce.

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